LESLIE LARSON is the author of two novels: Slipstream (2006), and Breaking Out of Bedlam (2010), both published by Shaye Areheart, an imprint of Crown Publishers.  Leslie grew up in San Diego, went to college at UCSD and then moved to London, where she worked for Marion Boyars, a small literary publisher.  She returned to San Francisco to write, earning her keep with freelance work—everything from book reviews to television spots, print ads and feature stories—that has appeared in Faultline, the East Bay Express and the Women's Review of Books.  More recently, she has written for O: The Oprah Magazine.  After several years on staff at University of California Press in Berkeley, where she now lives, Leslie is writing full time—a new novel is in the works—and contributing some of her work to elder care issues, partly inspired by responses to Cora Sledge, the cantankerous heroine of Breaking Out of Bedlam.

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